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ALCO Shield Granular+

ALCO Shield GRANULAR+ is a polymer modified asphalt membrane, glass fiber reinforced with a granular surface providing skid and tracking resistance during installation.

ALCO Shield Black MAG

ALCO Shield™ Black MAG protects roof structures and the interior from water penetration caused by ice dams and wind-driven rains.

ALCO Shield Premier

NEW! Special polyester fusion formula means endurance and gripping properties.

ALCO Shield Smooth

ALCO Shield™ SMOOTH Ice and Water Protector is used as a shingle underlayment on critical areas such as eaves, valleys, ridges, dormers, and skylights.

ALCO Shield High Temp (HT)

ALCO Shield™ HT is a polymer modified asphalt underlayment membrane, polyester fabric surface that provides a tough skid resistant underlayment and UV protection.

ALCO Products…Offering a complete line of underlayment products for the professional.


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ALCO Products manufactures a variety of high-quality roof protection products for residential and commercial use, including a complete line of ALCO Shield™ underlayments.