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Offering a complete line of underlayment products for the professional.

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Offers a high degree of skid resistance.

Black MAG

Designed for use in critical areas of the roof


Our top-line underlayment protects roofing structures and interiors from water penetration

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Our highest quality underlayment is designed for metal roofing and asphalt shingles.

Commercial Ice & Water Protection Products designed for the Professional

ALCO Products manufactures a variety of high-quality roof protection products for residential and commercial use, including a complete line of ALCO Shield™ underlayments.

ALCO’s product lines are proudly built and thoroughly tested by our highly qualified staff to meet the exact needs and specifications of our industry. Our diligent efforts to provide a quality product, combined with a strong commitment to technological improvements and even greater commitment to customer service, has solidified ALCO Products as a major manufacturer in the roofing industry.

A long history of serving the roofing industry.

ALCO PRODUCTS LLC was founded in 2009 to acquire the assets of the National Varnish Company, a provider of varnishes and coatings founded in 1912. In the 1950s, National Varnish Co. entered the roof coatings market, developing deep expertise in asphalt blending and adding ALCO as a brand name.

The next growth phase occurred in the 1990s as the company began to manufacture modified asphalt bitumen self-adhering roof underlayment products. The company continues today to develop new products using 21st-century technology.

ALCO’s core business revolves around the manufacturing and distribution of roofing and building products channeled through professional roofing distributors. ALCO is able to leverage nearly 100 years of experience in blending and asphalt technology to deliver quality products to the professional contractor market.

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We bring years of experience manufacturing underlayment products to the table. Together we can build a relationship that creates synergy between our products and a successful roofing job.

Why Shingles Are Not Enough?

Shingles are designed to protect your roof from rain and snow, but they are not completely effective in preventing the movement of moisture from the roof deck upwards. Wind-driven rain can be blown under the shingles, destroying their integrity and depositing water into your attic. Freeze and thaw cycles can allow the ice dams to force water back under the shingles. The eaves of your roof are most at risk, however, the valleys and around skylights, chimneys, and other flashing areas are also in danger.

Can ALCO SHIELD be applied over felt?

No. Felt will act as a bond-breaker to the substrate. ALCO Shield is intended for application directly to the structural deck.

How long can ALCO underlayments be exposed?

ALCO underlayments are not meant to be left permanently exposed to the sun. In general, the membrane should be covered with the final roof covering as soon as possible.

Does ALCO SHIELD go over or under drip edge?

It is over on the bottom-gutter edge (eave) and under on the side/rake/gable end.

Where can I obtain ALCO products?

ALCO products are available through a variety of distributors in the U.S. and Canada. Please contact ALCO Products for your nearest distributor:

Phone: 1.800.323.0029, 313.823.7500
Fax: 313.331.4726


580 St. Jean Detroit, MI 48214-3476

Toll Free: 800-323-0029

Local: 313-823-7500

Fax: 313-331-4726

ALCO Products manufactures a variety of high-quality roof protection products for residential and commercial use, including a complete line of ALCO Shield™ underlayments.