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ALCO Shield Black MAG Underlayment
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Granular+ Underlayment

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Alco-Sield Smooth Ice & Water Protector


ALCO Shield™ Black MAG Ice and Water Protector is designed for use as a shingle underlayment in critical areas of the roof, such as eaves, valleys, ridges, dormers and skylights. ALCO Shield Black MAG protects roof structures and the interior from water penetration caused by ice dams and wind driven rains.

ALCO Shield Black MAG is a polymer modified asphalt membrane, glass fiber reinforced with a granular surface providing skid and tracking resistance during installation, as well as sealing around the shingle fasteners for the life of the shingles.


ALCO Shield Black MAG Ice & Water Protector
The ALCO Shield Black MAG underlayment product offers a high degree of skid resistance combined with the highest standards of manufacturing.



  • Self-adhering, but initially repositionable for easy installation
  • High tack back adhesive provides for all season installation
  • Granular surface provides the anti-skid feature to keep workers safe
  • Exceptional manufacturing process and quality control for a consistent product
  • Meets or exceed industry standards and residential/commercial Model Building Codes
  • Made in Detroit - USA


  • Prevents water intrusion and seepage from wind-driven rain, ice dams and around fasteners
  • Self-Sealing: Seals around nails, staples and screws
  • Self-Adhering: Bonds directly to the roof substrate
  • Skid Resistant: Granular surface for safe and easy installation
  • Excellent for under asphalt shingles

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