ALCO Roof Coatings & Construction Specialty Producs to be discontinued.

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New Product

ALCO Shield Black MAG Underlayment
. More...

Installation Guide

ALCO Shield Detail Drawings
ALCO Shield Underlayment Installation Instructions & Drawings
are now available Online. Click Here to View...

Product Highlights

Granular+ Underlayment

The NEW & Improved ALCO Shield GRANULAR+ is now available. More...


ALCO Roof Repair Tape
24/7 Roof Repair Tape - Now available - Leak and Seam Repair Tape for TPO, EPDM, and Metal with Ultra Aggressive Sealability. More...

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Alco-shield water & Ice Protector


ALCO-SHIELD™ Underlayments

Select from 3 grades of ALCO-SHIELD Ice & Water Protector underlayment products. All ALCO Products underlpayments meet the strictest industry standards for quality and dependability.

ALCO Shield Smooth UnderlaymentALCO-SHIELD Smooth
ALCO SHIELD SMOOTH protects roofing structures and the interior from water penetration caused by ice dams and wind driven rains.. More...

ALCO-Shield GranularALCO-SHIELD Granular
ALCO SHIELD Granular Ice and Water Protector is used as a shingle underlayment on critical areas such as eaves, valleys, ridges, dormers and skylights. More...

ALCO Shield High Temp Underlayment

ALCO-SHIELD High Temperature (HT)
ALCO SHIELD HT Ice and Water Protector is designed to be used under standing seam metal roofing, metal shingles and metal roof panels. More...

ALCO-SHIELD 15 Synthetic Underlayment
ALCO SHIELD 15 Synthetic is a high-strength engineered synthetic roof underlayment that can save on labor, time, and expense when compared to standard No. 15 asphalt felt. More...




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