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CAP - Cold Applied Polyester

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ALCO Roof Restoration - Cold Applied Polyester (CAP) System

The ALCO CAP system works with the same principle as the traditional built-up asphalt roof which has a track record of over 150 years as a proven system with some roofs lasting as long as 75 years. It can completely restore all types of metal, built-up (smooth or gravel), and most single-ply roofs. Its multiple layers flexibly form and fully adhere to the existing roof surface creating a solid water tight shield.

Due to its low expense for installation and materials, the ALCO CAP roofing system tends to be the most cost effective roofing method on the market today and can last the life of the building with proper maintenance.

ALCO CAP Roofing System offers the following benefits:

1. Light Weight
It does not overload the roof structure. Therefore it is not necessary to tear-off the old roof system which eliminates costly downtime during the restoration process. It also allows for additional layers to be added in the future enabling the system to work instantly.

2. Flexible
It easily conforms to any surface following the contours of every type of roof, including everything from standing seam metal to rough built-up surfaces that have been covered with gravel. Unlike fiberglass reinforcement used in most built-up roofs, the ALCO CAP system uses a special polyester mat that does not turn brittle as the roof ages. It remains flexible and moves with the roof surface in all seasons.



ALCO CAP Asphalt Mastic is a superior blend of asphalt, solvents and fiber fillers. The fillers in this product strengthen the liquid asphalt to form a tough but elastic surface. Once cured, it will not crack in summer or crack in winter.

3. Fully Reinforced
The ALCO Cap system is fully reinforced with a polyester mat embedded in the cold applied asphalt. The polyester mat is to the asphalt what the fiberglass is to the resign in the marine world. Without fiberglass resign will crack, chip and become brittle. It is also true for roof coatings, without full reinforcement (not just the seams) the roof coating soon cracks as the roof undergoes constant movement.

4. Fully Adhered and Multi-Layered
This system is fully adhered to the existing roof surface with multiple layers of protection eliminating the possibility of water entering in one area and then “running” to another area of the roof. Roof coverings that are not fully adhered are subject to damage caused by wind and condensation build up in between roof layers.

5. Maintainable
No expensive heat welding guns are necessary to make repairs around new stacks or AC systems installed after the restoration is complete. Unlike most single-ply systems, the ALCO CAP system does not easily puncture from hail or items being dropped on it. Nevertheless, if for some reason it does puncture, it is easily and quickly repaired (no special tools required.

6. Energy Efficient
The top layer of the ALCO CAP system is an energy efficient reflective coating (over 70% initial reflectivity and over 50% after 3 years) installed after the cold process asphalt coating has cured (usually between 1 to 3 weeks). This reflective coating reflect harmful UV rays, both protecting the asphalt system and cooling the roof’s surface temperature. This results in lower inside temperatures and decreases the energy consumption of the building’s air conditioning system.

ALCO Green Products7. Environmentally Sustainable & Cost Effective
The ALCO CAP System contributes to environmental sustainability. For example, replacement of an existing commercial roof is an expensive operation that involves tearing off the existing roof. The old materials are discarded in landfills, contributing to a larger land-use concern. The labor to remove the old materials and the cost to transport them to landfills substantially adds to the cost of the roof restoration. These added costs are eliminated with the ALCO CAP System.

ALCO CAP System Selection Guide

ALCO CAP Product Selection

CAP is the perfect solution to cost-effective and environmentally sustainable roof restoration.

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