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ALCO Poly-S polyster matDESCRIPTION

ALCO POLY-S is a stitchbond polyester mat designed to have exceptional tensile, tear and elongation properties. Because of its natural softness, it conform easily to irregular surfaces, such as the substrate of gravel roofs. Most polyester mats have to be light enough (1.6 – 2.0 Oz/Sq Yd) to conform to the unevenness of gravel roofs, but POLY-S will conform extremely well while still providing the superior strength of 3 Oz/Sq Yd material.


  • Excellent reinforcing properties
  • Compatible with both solvent and emulsion coatings
  • Clean and easy to handle
  • No fiber breakage or dusting in handling
  • Conforms easily to irregular surfaces
  • High resistance to thermal shock
  • Lightweight
  • Highly penetrable, eliminating air pockets
  • Exceptional tensile, tear and elongation properties


Excellent for one-, two-, or three-ply cold process roofing systems as used in the ALCO CAP System.


Be sure roof to be coated is swept clean of all debris. All repairs should be done prior to applying POLY-S.


Spray, brush or squeegee ALCO adhesive coating on roof and before coating begins to cure, roll out the POLLY-S and imbed into coating. Then top coat with roof coating. Remember to lap accordingly: 3” side lap and 6” end lap. It may be necessary to brush polyester mat to ensure complete adhesion.

Note: This material is part of the ALCO CAP System (New Roof, Roof Membrane and Metal-Ply Roof). Call your sales representative for further information.


3 Oz/Square Yard


40” x 324 LF Roll 25/Pallet

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