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ALCO Shield Black MAG Underlayment
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ALCO Shield Detail Drawings
ALCO Shield Underlayment Installation Instructions & Drawings
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Granular+ Underlayment

The NEW & Improved ALCO Shield GRANULAR+ is now available. More...


ALCO Roof Repair Tape
24/7 Roof Repair Tape - Now available - Leak and Seam Repair Tape for TPO, EPDM, and Metal with Ultra Aggressive Sealability. More...

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ALCO 24/7 Flashing Cement


ALCO 24/7 Flashing Cement is a revolutionary wet-dry flashing cement, comprised of selected blends of pure cutback asphalt, choice solvents and highly modified polymers. 24/7 is a heavy bodied product with elastomeric qualities that make it an all-purpose, durable cement for wet or dry surfaces, even under water.

The revolutionary blending of this product allows it to spread smoothly and easily in cold and hot temperatures. ALCO 24/7 has unique chemical compounds which give it great strength allowing it to cure to a tough yet flexible film.


  • For asphalt, concrete or metal roofs
  • On modified roofs (SBS and APP)
  • Skylights, chimneys, flashings, gutters
  • Wall flashing and leaks in shingles


  • Easy application
  • Ready to use from the container
  • Excellent elastic mastic with superior adhesion to SBS cold applied roofing membrane and many common roof surfaces such as BUR
  • High resistance to water and weathering
  • Adheres to masonry, steel and many other surfaces
  • Spreads to a smooth, even consistency even in high temperatures and adheres without sagging
  • Compatible with APP torch applied modified bitumen membranes
  • Manufactured in three grades
  • Full ALCO Warranty - Ask your sales representative or visit our Web site for complete detrails.

ALCO Products offers installers a complete line of roof protection products. Made in the USA.

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