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Granular+ Underlayment

The NEW & Improved ALCO Shield GRANULAR+ is now available.

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ALCO Shield Detail Drawings
ALCO Shield Underlayment Installation Instructions & Drawings
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Product Highlights

ALCO 15 Synthetic Underlayment
New ALCO 15 Synthetic Underlayment -
We are pleased to announce our new addition to our ALCO SHIELD product line - 15 Synthetic Underlayment. More...

ALCO Roof Repair Tape
24/7 Roof Repair Tape - Now available - Leak and Seam Repair Tape for TPO, EPDM, and Metal with Ultra Aggressive Sealability. More...

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ALCO 269 Plus SBS Asphalt Adhesive


ALCO 269 Plus is UL approved and formulated from choice asphalts, solvents and fillers. It is processed to a creamy smooth consistency for ease of application. This material is specifically designed as a cold process adhesive for adhering SBS modified membrane. When cured, its bonding strength becomes as tough and elastomeric as the membrane itself.


  • Adheres SBS Modified Bitumen membranes - base and ply sheets
  • Excellent conventional adhesive for BUR ply sheets and granulated cap sheets


  • Easy Application
  • Multi-purpose adhesive
  • UL approved
  • Ready to use from the container
  • Elastomeric – moves with substrate
  • Excellent resistance to water and weather

ALCO Products offers installers a complete line of roof protection products. Made in the USA.

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